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Collaborative Health Program

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The Collaborative Health Program is a unique approach to delivering healthcare that involves practitioners and specialists working together to provide patients with the most comprehensive coverage possible. It focuses on addressing your specific health goals and tailoring personalized health plans to achieve them.

Proactive, Not Reactive

The Collaborative Health Program takes a proactive and preventative approach to provide your healthcare. It also empowers you to actively particiapte in the planning of your own care and treatment plans, allowing for a more patient-centred approach to healthcare delivery.

Specialized Healthcare

By joining the Collaborative Health Program you get access to a diverse team of practitioners and 40+ specialists and surgeons. Together, they ensure comprehensive, efficient, and collaborative healthcare, leveraging their collective expertise for the best patient care.

Health Plan Coordinators (HPC)

Your Health Plan Coordinator (HPC) serves as a patient navigator, effectively communicating your health updates and working collaboratively with your healthcare team to ensure you fulfill your long-term health goals.

Personalized Healthcare

Every patient's experience is unique, and our Collaborative Health Program allows us to provide personalized treatment plans that will focus on addressing specific health goals that are identified by both you and your practitioners as the most important areas to focus on.

Collaborative Health Program

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Patients taking control of their health

Proactive, Transparent, Goal Inspired Healthcare

The Collaborative Health Program offers a refreshing change to patient care. Along with the services you have come to expect from a family medical clinic, we go above and beyond to offer our patients with more treatment options and proactive care.

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Collaborative Health Program

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Covered under alberta health insurance

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A collaboration-first approach to healthcare

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"The practitioners at Satori are changing how we deliver healthcare by collaborating with a multidisciplinary team to provide patients with a better more comprehensive health experience."

Carolyn Gratton | Nurse Practitioner

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"The level of care and access the Collaborative Health Program offers my patients has been phenomenal. I could not have continued to provide the level of care my patients needed without that support."

Dr. Richa Love | Physician

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