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Leave your Clinic and Patients in Good Hands

Each partnership and clinic are unique, but they share a commitment to patient care and a track record of success within the Satori Health Network. We focus on your clinic so that you can focus and prioritize your patients and yourself.

A Path of Support for all Career Stages

Non-Traditional Exit Strategies

You can earn additional revenue by supervising the transition of your patient's care to another qualified Satori provider.

Ensure Your Employees are Protected

Satori will help you ensure your employees continue to benefit from a healthy and supportive work environment.

Retained Ownership & Autonomy

Options to maintain ownership and autonomy of your clinic, allowing you to share in the future growth and profitability of the business you built.

Leaving With Peace of Mind

Satori Health is a responsive and supportive partner that will invest in the long-term growth and sustainability of your clinic.

Start the Conversation

Explore the way forward in the Satori Network and elevate patient care.

Additional Resources for Elevating Your Practice

Marketing Support

Implement marketing strategies that drive new patient flow and retention while maintaining your existing brand and community reputation.

Real Estate Assurance

Access support in all aspects of real estate and facility management including landlord relations, lease inquiries and renovations to your clinic.

Legal Protection

Satori’s in-house legal team provides guidance and counsel on all aspects related to your practice, mitigating risks, audit and compliance.

Purpose Driven Culture

Attract and retain the very best medical professionals in the industry with comprehensive recruiting and HR support.

A collaboration-first approach to healthcare

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“Since joining Satori, I have gone from working solo in an antiquated clinic environment providing mostly reactive care, to now working with an entire collaborative healthcare team providing proactive care for our patients, while also having my workload significantly reduced."

Dr. Sanjeeve Sockanathan | Physician (Humana Medical Clinic, Calgary)

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"For the sale of my clinic, I was able to customize a deal with Satori that benefited me the most given the phase of my career. I was able to continue practicing without the headaches associated with managing a clinic yet still able to share in any profits the clinic made."

Dr. Riyaan Hassen | Physician (Revolution Medical Clinic, High River)

A different kind of healthcare. Driven by values.

Partner With Satori

Start a conversation with our Business Development Manager Stephen Torriero and see the many ways you can benefit when partnering with Satori.

satori (sə-ˈtȯr-ē)

A sudden feeling of enlightenment. Often considered an experience which cannot be expressed with words.