Collaborative Partnerships

Proactive, Transparent, Goal Inspired Healthcare

In the current health-care model, even the most dedicated physicians are overwhelmed with administrative work, leaving them less time for collaboration with other experts, and less time to follow up and educate their patients.

Benefits of Joining Satori's Collaborative Health Program

Expanded Billing Opportunities

By utilizing a team to provide additional services to our patients, you can earn more for the same hours, all while enhancing the patient experience.

Less Administrative Work

With the addition of new internal support roles, you can spend less time on admin work and more time focusing on your patient's needs.

Collaborative Healthcare Team

Work with a team of knowledgeable and experienced practitioners to provide your panel with high-quality healthcare.

Enhanced care for your patients

Have the time and energy to provide patients with the personalized and proactive healthcare they deserve.

Start the Conversation

Explore the way forward in the Satori Network and elevate patient care.

A collaboration-first approach to healthcare

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“I have found the collaborative program so beneficial to myself and my patients, and it is so easy to work with. The Health Plan Coordinator assigned to me has been extremely supportive to my practice while providing my patients with the follow-up and education they need and deserve.”

Dr. Rasha Iessa | Physician (Excel Health, Calgary)

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“Satori’s collaborative program is a refreshing new approach for working within the medical home model. The collaborative style of working with NPs and Health Plan Coordinators ensures a level of patient care excellence and safety that will not be found in a traditional doctor/patient care model.”

Dr. Jennifer Fleetcroft | Physician (Primary Plus, Calgary)

Additional Resources for Elevating Your Practice

Marketing Support

Digital and in-clinic marketing content provided to educate patients on the program and what they can expect.

A Digital Approach

We can deliver an exceptional level of care to our patients by incentivizing collaboration among practitioners through efficient workflows provided by our proprietary software.

Legal Protection

Satori’s in-house legal team provides guidance and counsel on all aspects related to our program, mitigating risks, audit and compliance.

Healthier Work-Life Balance

With an entire team supporting you and your patients, you can leave work behind when you go home at the end of the day.

A different kind of healthcare. Driven by values.

Join Our Collaborative Health Program

Start a conversation with our Business Development Manager Stephen Torriero and see how Satori's Collaborative Health Program can benefit both your clinic and your patients.

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