Pharmacy Services at Satori

Pharmacy is a pivotal pillar of the healthcare system, providing focused medical services essential for improving patient's well-being. This vital medical service revolves around the science and practice of medication management, ensuring that individuals receive the right drugs, at the right doses, for the right reasons, and in the safest possible manner. Pharmacists are highly trained professionals who play a crucial role in ensuring that patients not only have access to the medications they need but also understand how to use them effectively.

Types of Pharmacy Services

  • Clinical Pharmacy: Clinical pharmacists work directly with healthcare teams to provide patient-centered care. They review medical records, assess medication regimens, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to tailor treatments to individual patients' needs. Their expertise helps improve therapeutic outcomes and minimize potential drug-related problems.
  • Community Pharmacy: These pharmacists work in community settings such as retail pharmacies, offering frontline access to essential medications. They provide counselling on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, making sure patients understand how to use them safely and effectively.
  • Hospital Pharmacy: Hospital pharmacists manage medication distribution within healthcare institutions. They work closely with doctors and nurses to ensure patients receive the right medications and doses during their stay. Hospital pharmacists are also responsible for drug preparation and sterile compounding.

Pharmacy Treatment Services

Medication Management: Pharmacists evaluate patients' medication regimens to prevent adverse drug interactions and ensure the best possible therapeutic outcomes. They can adjust doses, recommend alternative treatments, or provide patient education to enhance medication adherence.

Medication Counseling: Pharmacists offer personalized counselling to patients, explaining the benefits and potential side effects of their medications. They also provide guidance on proper usage and storage.

Immunizations: Many pharmacists are authorized to administer vaccinations, helping deliver public health initiatives such as flu shots and COVID-19 vaccines.

Complete Pharmacy Care at Satori Health in Calgary and Alberta

Pharmacy is a cornerstone of modern healthcare, focusing on medication management, patient education, and safety. Pharmacists, whether in clinical, community, or hospital settings, are dedicated to ensuring that individuals receive the right medications and understand how to use them effectively. Their expertise enhances patient well-being, promotes medication adherence, and prevents drug-related problems. If you or someone you know has questions about medications, are seeking medication management support, or require immunizations, consider consulting with Satori’s skilled pharmacists who can provide comprehensive and personalized care to meet your healthcare needs.

For a list of Satori Clinics accepting patients, visit our Clinics page.

Clinics offering Pharmacy

Greenview Medical Centre
Family Medicine Mental Health Women’s Health +1

Calgary, AB

A family medical clinic with 9 medical practitioners, and a focus on providing healthcare services related to family medicine, pediatrics, seniors health, podiatry, and Botox treatments for both medical conditions and cosmetics.

Capsule Medical Clinic
Family Medicine Mental Health Pharmacy

Calgary, AB

A medical clinic with convenient nearby support services in downtown Calgary. Part of the Satori Health Network.