Dr. Richa Love


Practicing Clinic


MD, Certification in the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP), Fellowship in the College of Family Physicians of Canada (FCFP)


Family Medicine Mental Health

As a practising physician for over 20 years, Richa has become an established practice leader in her community. As a family physician, she grew and managed a thriving clinic that is still an integral part of the community. Richa’s passion as a physician is bringing mental health care to the forefront through proactive assessment, reducing stigma, and integrating emerging treatment modalities. Her study of these emerging modalities has resulted in her becoming an authority in cannabinoid-based medicines and she often speaks at medical events in the space. Richa is a single mother, enjoys staying active and loves spending time with her family, including two children.

satori (sə-ˈtȯr-ē)

A sudden feeling of enlightenment. Often considered an experience which cannot be expressed with words.